Friday, 31 October 2008


Getting baws deep now, my To Do list is still growing and there's nothing I can do to slow it. Somehow I got myself talked into coming into work this weekend to set up a computer as a server so everyone can access the manufacturing database.

Alas, I have no idea what I'm doing and despite the fact that servers do exist and can be set up by human beings, I'm starting to have reservations as to whether I can actually do it.

Not only that, but somehow I have to make this database presentable and probably have to migrate it from OpenOffice into something else, Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySQL. I have no idea about any of these.

No one will help me, no one can help me.

So expect bad bad moods next week.

Not that I've been in much of a good mood at work this week. Screaming rows with the boss probably aren't helping my employment prospects.

What's changed? Despite what Zee says, I'm pretty sure I didn't get as stressed or as screaming rowdy before.

In other news, no one else has bought my naked chicks book here, but I have been playing Scramble against other human beings on Facebook, winning and losing. Its kind of like social interaction.

Only fifty-nine pics left to draw on the nuddy site, then I can skip away into the distance, end of next week I reckon.

Hold onto your hats.

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