Thursday, 27 November 2008

OSS 117

Went to the cinema last night, we ended up wandrin in circles round Leicester Square, checking each Odeon in turn until we arrived at the wee pokey one round the corner that does forign movies. I don't think I'd heard of any of them, so our choice was mostly bsed on what time they were on and how hungry we were.

The film we settled on was OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies. Whilst based on the original French series of books and films from the fifties and sixties, the film is more of a James Bond spoof, in French with subtitles.

Filmed in the style of Dr No, with the actor chappy looking very much like the original Sean Connery, same costumes, same mannerisms, but also coming off like an awkward Alan Partridge. Some neat camera angles and during the final ten minutes or so, you can just reel off all the 007 movie references

One gripe was that the subtitles were hard to read, white text on white backgrounds, and my Frnech isn't quite good enough to get by without them.

But it was jolly funny. Memorable motifs include the chickens and the light switch, the gay flashbacks, the women underwear wrestling, and they whole cultural awkwardness thing.

The DVD's here, its a bit pricey, but realistically that's cheaper than the cinema.

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