Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Everything's okay right now. I smell badly, but I'm in a warm fuzzy place. Work's stressful, but the bits in between are all cosy, with DVDs, wine and curry.

Glasgow Indie Eyespy bubbled to the surface again, somewhere behind me in the office someone was talking about an amplifier from 2006, and I drifted back in time.

Was the flight from Glasgow only last year? And all that business in 2006 still less than two years ago? Now its all just a swirling storm. Still fallout even to this day, friendships still put on hold and loved ones far away.

How differently could things have gone? If I still had the same job and still had the same girl? Its a weird parallel universe out there. Would things have lasted so long, or would for some other reason, a whole lifestyle change come to pass? Would I still have ended up in London? Or in a hospital bed with my legs missing?

Ooh, is that what happened back in '98?

Aye, I realised months ago that sometimes things happen, and even with hindsight there's no way, nothing you can do to stop it.

Hmm, its all a bit of a vague blog post. Alas, the rules say I can't mention names or be too specific.

I was on Facebook, and I see friends chatting to friends, folk still staying in touch, and I wonder why I'm not there too, its almost like there's some other medium out there that I'm not signed up to, something like blogging or twitter or facebook. Maybe its just email, text or phonecalls.

Maybe its just in my nature to be a lonely soul.

And that, your honour, is how I got where I am today.

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