Sunday, 23 November 2008


I had an idea, one of these one's that bubble up when your mind boggles. That Ill Theatre thing I do, it could really do with more words, and narative. In fact, its pretty piss poor all round as a webcomic.

The other day there was a story in the Metro about folk laying flowers at the grave of Baby P, or at shrine in where ever they scattered his ashes. There was a photo of the stone, it said 'Baby P' on it.

How de-humanising is that?

Maybe someone for some reason wants to keep his name, Peter, out of the papers, like it would do him any good. He wasn't even a baby, the guy was a toddler at least.

Anyhoo, I had this bad bad idea of doing a comic strip in which Peter was a character. It would be a kind of Tom and Jerry, Itchy and Scratchy, kind of ultra violent comic, with the mother, the boyfriend and his brother and the teenage girl, all living up to whatever the media has portrayed as. Social Workers and Health professionals doing whatever the media has them doing, wandrin' in and wandrin' out, boxes ticked.

All in a comic strip as brightly coloured as Sinfest.

It would be so so wrong.

But then I read this today, its a blog where they comment on comments on the BBC websites and now Facebook hate groups. And I thought, I'd have to include Tracey Hall (West Midlands) as a character in the comic. A villain even worse than Peter's mother. She was just a really crap mother, who couldn't look after her kid, she didn't break anyone's back, she just didn't stop anyone else from doing it.

Tracey Hall on the other hand, she thinks she's a decent mother, but also unashamedly really wants to torture people.

I wonder if this is the same Tracey Hall.

Thank god I'm crap at drawing pictures of women, otherwise that idea could end very badly.

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  1. ah - now I understand why you focussed on the body in your recent endeavours...