Friday, 21 November 2008

Olde Times

So last night on Bowlie we were chatting about things and stuff and I posted a link to that Carter USM cover, and I was suddenly overcome with how thinly spread I am, how many pies I have my fingers in. Not large pies mind, just individual portions. There's the blogging, the music, the drawings, the manufacturing, the politicing, the commenting. Its almost too much.

But not quite.

Latest delivery from Lulu came today, five more copies of the post-it notes book so I can start giving them away to anyone who wants one.

And also this.

The new hardback edition of my novel Shag Times.

Its a work of fiction what I wrote in 2001 / 2002 about Craig Illman, a student in Glasgow, who on reading an interview with comedian Ed Byrne saying he used to be a student in Glasgow and shagged hundreds of women, Craig decides to try to shag a hundred women in twelve months. Of course he fails miserably, but its kind of like a bildungsroman thing, and there's Glasgow's millennial live music scene and university and stuff.

Of course, Shag Times was originally an album by the KLF in 1988. But its also a good name for a book.

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