Wednesday, 19 November 2008

London Blogger Technorati ranks

I used to run a wonderful blog in Glasgow called Glasgow Indie Eyespy, therein it ranked every Glasgow-based band, from the mighty Franz and Seb to Some Young Pedro and Molly's Seafoods. I'd pull data in from, google and Technorati, and rank the lot of them into four or five leagues. It was kind of fun and became a bit of a legend within a small music scene. We'd assign points for each band, and if you spotted them in the street or in the pub you'd get points to brag to your mates.

"I pulled the drummer from PopUp!"
"So what, I saw Stuart from Mogwai wearing a stripey jumper"

When I started it I was faced with a scruples about what riht I had to rank bands, how could it harm or encourage their self-esteem, what right did I have affect their careers. Some even called it a stalkers charter.

But anyhoo, I thought long and hard about it back then and did it anyway.

I could think long and hard about this too, but since the decision would be the same, I won't bother:- Here's a list of the blogging folk I was chatting to or saw at the London Blogger's Meetup yesterday, ranked by Technorati authority:-

I've neglected to include any of my own blogs


  1. 2 people with 'plastic' in their titles? UN-ac-ceptable! Who is this person so I can hunt them down ;-)

  2. You could join them and have a Fresh Plastic Noodles blog, what a killer mash-up that would be.

  3. Hi Melanie, I'm Ant the guy you'll be wanting to hunt down (eek!) It is my blog that's got the similar sounding name (good job I decided to drop the "noodle's"!)

  4. Err, is it bad that I'm bottom of this?? I have NO idea what it all means....!

  5. It means you have a very exclusive readership