Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Today - Pirates and Prostitutes

Thrilling episode of the Today program on Radio4 this morning, not only did it mention th bail out to car makers that Charles Crawford was talking about yesterday (big old companies are failing, but organised enough to ask for money, whilst newer car companies would spend the money better like Tesla and G-Wiz), but also they had on a Nikki Adams, of the English Collective of Prostitutes, talking about changes to prostitution law and the Jackie Smith who appeared to be talking about ways to outsource policework on human trafficking, which is different issue.

Just when it couldn't get even better they announced that the Indian Navy had sunk a pirate mothership.

Anyhoo, about prostitution and people trafficing/slavery, they're like the two oldest professions, and here they are neatly resolved into a single issue. Sadly they're very different things.

My take on it all is they should legalise it all, license it all and regulate it to buggery. If you want your hole you gotta make sure they're qualified and certified, aye. Free regular healthchecks and all that.

Gah, I just drew pictures of naked women, I'll leave discourse on these matters to the experts.

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