Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The 500

I'm really hungry this morning, and for some reason thinking about an ex-girlfriend.

Well, I type 'for some reason' but that reason is cos in my NaNoWriMo I'm up to the chapter entitled 'Lessons Learnt from Ex-Girlfriends'.

Whilst the relationship was pretty much doomed from the start. It ended years later cos, well, I like to think so, because she chose the other guy cos he didn't know how ill she was, and I did. Maybe I just cared too much.

So maybe, to overcompensate I care less now, and come across as a bit of a user, or just a cunt.

I remember the things we used to do during the good times, the dancing in the street and the crazy adventures, Christ, we went to Leeds. I remember the insecurity and then the trust and finally the loss.

Crikey, I'm hungry. How long til lunch?

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