Thursday, 20 November 2008


So I play that Scramble game on Facebook, its like Boggle or WordTwist or something, some online game from Yahoo games back at the start of the decade. But now on Facebook so you can compete against your friends and girls fancy.

Being a geek, I keep a track of my scores in a spreadsheet.

To the right there is a cumulative frequency graph showing the distribution of scores. I mostly get around 80 points per game, but occasionally I get past 100 points.

You can only piss with the cock you're born with and if you get a crap board, you're not going to get into the hundreds every time.

Here is a graph showing how my average score has changed over time. Well, the average score is the flat lower line, it slowly goes up from 60 something to 70 something.

The other lines are my average for the last five games, the last ten games and the last fifty games. Hey, I think its interesting.


This is my hand with three fingers, just like here, but without the photoshop disaster.

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