Monday, 27 April 2009


I'm standing in a shoe shop in Brent Cross, rather than judging whether shoes look nice, the first, second and third criteria has have before picking up a pair of shoes to look at are:-
  • Price
  • Requirement
  • Comfort
Prices start at around £60 up to £80, even the ones on sale were £40. So far, all out of my price range.

I am unemployed, I survive off of £60 JSA a week, and Housing Benefit which doesn't quite cover rent, so every week my credit card stacks up a wee bit and I keep telling myself that I'll be able to pay it off one day in the future when I have a job.

So to buy any of these shoes, my lifestyle would have to change for a week.

I'd survive on eating just pasta or rice with a sprinkling of herbs. Instead of spending my mornings in Borders avoiding a parking ticket, I'd sit in my car knitting. No gigs, no journeys on the underground, no cinema, no going out for dinner. And all for a pair shoes surplus to requirements.

Christ, I wish I had a job, then a pair of shoes would be something I could save up for rather then something to hold my breath for.

I wish I had a job.

This lifestyle sucks.

When will it all end?

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  1. tescos and George at Asda are good for cheap but quality shoes. I buy all mine from there!

  2. Fuck off, I don't need any fucking shoes.

    I need a job, regular honest income and even then I still don't need any fucking shoes.

  3. If you're unemployed and can't afford a pair of decent shoes then how can you afford to use a Blackberry ?

  4. I can't afford to use a Blackberry.

    But, like my car, its one of these things I signed up for before I was made redundant, and I'm pretty sure that getting rid of my transport and my internet connection and my mobile phone might diminish my chances of finding a job.