Thursday, 9 April 2009

The Boat That Splashed

Last night I saw the new Richard Curtis movie, The Boat That Rocked.

A rather fun movie despite the re-writing of history in having evil Kenneth Branagh's character an uptight killjoy Conservative minister, when in real life it was evil socialist Tony Benn trying to shut down Radio Caroline.

A nice cast of British comedy heros, maybe even this generation's Shaun Of The Dead. Nick Frost from Spaced, that guy from Flight of the Concords, half the cast of The IT Crowd, Ralph Brown and so on.

Rather nice scene to watch on high definition DVD where a chap in in a room with fifty or so swinging sixties starlets with their tits out.

There was about three too many scenes of women on the toilet, perhaps Richard Curtis has some kind of fetish. We did have Julia Roberts on the loo in Notting Hill, seems to be some kind of motif.

There was a bit in the closing titles where is said that rock and roll was still going strong. It a bit romanticing the truth. Between The Beatles first release and the Sex Pistols demise was about seventeen years, that was rock and roll. Its also been seventeen years since Ace Of Bass released All That She Wants.

After the pirate radio stations were closed down the BBC started Radio 1 as a pop music station, they had the monopoly on pop music for a few years until my grandfather started the UK's first commercial radio station.
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