Tuesday, 7 April 2009

BBC quotations

Three hours later the BBC get the Ian Tomlinson murder footage

This bit of the article stuck out.

Daniel Sandford, BBC Home Affairs correspondent, said: "Campaigners have been saying all along that Mr Tomlinson's heart attack may have, in some way, been linked to how the police were treating protesters that evening.

"This is now going to raise some more serious questions about the police behaviour on that night.

"Why is it that one of the officers walks up to a man who appears to be walking away from him. He [Mr Tomlinson] does not look like he is 100% co-operative but he is not being uncooperative."

Cos like in the absense of getting a quote from the IPCC or Boris or Sir Paul Stephenson, or anyone important, the BBC reporter who wrote the article just quotes the BBC correspondent, the chap who's probably sat on the next desk along in the office.

That's the quality journalism we're paying our licence fee for.

For fucks sake, couldn't Daniel Sandford have written the article himself? Cutting out the middleman?

Chris Gilmour, author of groundbreaking attack blog illandancient, said "For fucks sake, couldn't Daniel Sandford have written the fucking article himself? Cutting out the middleman?"

An hour or so ago, I read a thing on DTN
There really is no rule of law in the UK anymore, just a spin in the media and a lot of people covering themeselves.
Aye, media spin and shoddy journalism.

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