Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ian Tomlinson assaulted by Police video footage

Over on The Guardian website here.

Looks like the Eggshell skull thing should apply here. The police shouldn't get away with assaulting members of the public.

Nor should they ever assault members of the public. We don't pay them for that.

The officer who did the pushing ought to be tried for murder, and Inspector Giel and Sir Paul Stephenson too. Uncle Boris should slash the Met's budget too, we don't pay them for this sort of thing.

The chaps with the blue bits on their hi-res jackets are FIT officers, Field Intelligence Team chappies, here's a photoset taken on the day, alas, the photo sets only from 14:00 to 14:50, rather than the 19:20 to 19:35 time frame. The FIT officers in the video were witnesses to the murder.

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