Thursday, 2 April 2009

Job vacancies update - 02-APR-2009

Its Thursday, time for another Job Vacancies update.

Still drifting downwards, Reed'll probably have less than 100,000 vacancies listed by this time next week. The number of jobs listed on Job Centre Plus is noodling all over the place.

By extrapolating these figures up, there's about 415,000 vacancies in the UK. That'll be one's that aren't advertised at the Job Centre or Reed, so notes pinned to shop doors or listed on gumtree and the like.

Lets look at the top six sectors on Reed.

They're all drifting downwards now, Temping has been the most consistent over the last month, and Graduate jobs are still plummeting, those poor bastards. The best thing the government could do to help is provide step by step information packs about how to start your own business. These university folk are going to have lots of fresh ideas for how businesses should work, and it'd be nice if they could easily try them out rather than sign on the dole.

I also track weekly averages and by the looks of things the sectors where vacancies are growing are Actuarial , FMCG, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Purchasing and Training. Actuarial's up by about 15% over the week, the others are just noodling around 1% and 2%.

Good luck.

And if you fancy giving me a job or want a look at my CV, leave a comment with your email address.

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