Monday, 6 April 2009

Identify yourself

I'm just getting round to registering with a GP near the flat I've been in for the past eighteen months.

The last time I registered with a GP was during freshers week at uni over a decade ago. I was very drunk at the time, going by the alcohol consumption I put on the application form the medic said I'd be dead within six months.

Anyhoo, here we are, a fortnight after I booked the appountment, and I don't seem to have the correct forms of identification.

Sure, I have my passport which clearly shows my name, photie, date of birth and that I'm a British national, and also I have my driving licence which shows similar details.

But sadly this isn't sufficient, I need some form of proof of residence. The address printed and laminated on my driving licence isn't enough. Why?

"You might have moved house since then."

So I need to bring a bank statement or tenancy agreement. I tried reasoning, I might have moved house since the other documents were documented too, but this doesn't cut the mustard with the receptionist.

Luckily I'm able to run home and acquire further documentation, but in the great scheme of things, it doesn't fill me with confidence for the future compulsary ID card. How will having a ID single card resolve the "you might have moved house since then" line of mistrust?

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  1. cos there's gonna be a £1000 fine if you don't tell them the second you move...

  2. There's already a fine if I don't tell the DLA that I've moved house