Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Knitting project #9 - The blackberry beret

My Blackberry
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Inspired by this photie from Obo-Bobo, I thought I'd make my own.

I had to buy some 5mm 40cm circular needley things, and tried to find a pattern off of t'internet. Your basic trinity / popcorn / blackberry stitch in the round goes like this:-

Trinity/Blackberry Stitch pattern (worked in the round on a multiple of 4 sts):
row 1 (WS) - *(k1, p1, k1) into same st; p3tog;* rep from *.
row 2 - knit.
row 3 - *p3tog; (k1, p1, k1) into same st;* rep from *.
row 4 - knit

There's about 34 trinity stitch 'berry's in the round, and I reckon its going to be a bit tight when I'm finished.

Also, I'm not very sure how to decrease the round, like at what point in the 'berry' development.

Still, for a first attempt, I think its going fine.

Could really do with 6mm circular needley things, and maybe thicker yarn, but I bought a monster ball of this dark blue stuff at a car boot sale for 50p so it'll have to do.

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