Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More details on Tomlinson's assault

The footage shown on the BBC includes a few seconds that the footage on The Guardian website doesn't show.

First we have the City of London Police officer (red checkered banding on his cap) with a police dog whipping Mr Tomlinson in the right of the picture.
He keeps swinging the leash around even after Mr Tomlinson is on the floor.

Then we have the Metropolitan Police officer (with MP on his helmet) shoving Mr Tomlinson to the floor

And finally we have the Field Intelligence officer giving Mr Tomlinson a kick whilst he's on the ground

Chris Gilmour, author of the ground breaking attack blog IllandAncient, said "So, what we have is officers from three different units assaulting him, not just one, all in the space of about three seconds."

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