Sunday, 12 April 2009

Bigger Fish

Out on EU Referendum they have this kind of scary graph from Alexa, showing that the BNP are more popular than 'Scourge of Westminster' Guido.

Guido Fawkes may thus be the darling of the claque but while he rejoices in an Alexa traffic rank of 72,546, the BNP website currently ranks at 47,268 – so much for Hannan's view of the free marketeers taking more naturally to the possibilities of the internet than Lefties.
Now the BNP aren't in power yet, but they're getting 20% in most of the council elections they've been in in the last few months. Come the Euro elections in June, they're going to get around 12 MEPs, maybe more, and then the forces of justice and righteousless are going to have to tackle them. Sadly we don't really have much in the way for justice and righteousness in tackling MEPs or the EU, most people don't give a shit.

Here, this is The EU Observer reporting that a memo was sent round the one of the EU Commission's departments coaching officials on how to write emails and reports to hide the fact that lobbiests and companies buy them huge meals and stuff.

It asks officials to draft documents "with the utmost care" while telling them to avoid making references to informal contacts, such as meals or drinks, with lobbyists.

"Don't refer to the great lunch you have had with an industry representative privately or add a PS asking if he/she would like to meet for a drink."

Actually the memo also suggests writing two different versions of reports of meetings to hoodwink the public.
As a way of avoiding officials having to blank out parts of documents they release to the public, the transparency guide suggests writing two accounts of meetings, a "factual" or neutral one that can be released to the public and a more "personal/subjective" one with assessments and recommendations for follow up that need not be disclosed.
We do pay a great deal of money for this sort of behaviour by EU civil servants. But no one gives much of a shit.

However, come general election time when the BNP make terrifying gains, I'm sure the mainstream political blogs will tear them to shreds, but will anyone give a crap by then? They'd be elected into positions of power democratically and have so form of mandate from the people.

I'm not really one for Searchlight and anti-BNP organisations, I think that defeating the fascists should be the default position of the British, not something for the left-wing only or something to opt into, its the default position. Remember the war, etc. I fear its not going to be enough.

Evil Doesn't Do Nuance, its not enough just to ignore them and hope they'll go away, the blogging sunshine is going to have to work hard on the BNP.

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