Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Blog stat pron - March

So, according to google analytics, for March, this blog got:-
1,046 Absolute Unique Visitors
2,438 Pageviews
Compared to February's
538 Absolute Unique Visitors
1,953 Pageviews
Its a vast improvement over previous months, unique views almost doubling and and then according to pageviews folk never coming back, kind of weird that the additional 508 unique viewers only lead to 485 additional pageviews. It'll be the spikes of visitors from Iain Dale and EU Referendum what done it.

Actually, one of those spike represents the first time ever that this blog received more hits in a day than my old Naked Chicks on Post-It Notes site. Warm fuzzy feelings of shrugging off porno-shackles.

These are my top referers for March (not including google wanderers)
1. Iain Dale (92 visitors)
2. EU Referendum (48 visitors)
3. Facebook (34 visitors)
4. Twitter (30 visitors)
5. Celestial Junk (29 visitors)
6. Number Watch Web Forum (26 visitors)
7. Bloglines (7 visitors)
8. Technorati (7 visitors)
9. Anorak Forum (4 visitors)
10. Behind Blue Eyes (2 visitors)
So quality posts, with original content seem to be paying off in terms of visitors more than any kind of comment pieces.

Lets take a brief moment to consider which were the most viewed posts during March.
1. Facebook IQ test gubbins (199 views)
2. Sea Level Rises (156 views)
3. Band Nationalities (133 views)
4. Guide to doing animations on Windows Movie Maker (78 views)
5. Last month's blog stat pron (44 views)
6. Origami instructions (43 views)
7. London Blogger Meetup writeup (33 views)
8. Facebook Scramble graphs (32 views)
9. Facebook Scrambles statistics (30 views)
10. Unsent letters Unwritten books (24 views)
So aye, finally, for this blog was getting between 40 and 50 hits a day, but thanks to links from some more popular blogs for March we were averaging 69, stiffies all round then. Plans for next month are to get an average of 80 hits per day, mostly from people searching google for bomb making instructions (it'll be worth it) and hopefully to quality original content that gets linked to from all over teh interwebs.

Submitting something to the Britblog Round up should drive traffic here it'd get me a 1,000 hit spike, no worries, but I fear nothing I scrawl is really of high enough quality, so that'll have to wait.


  1. how does Google Analytics work? Is it some part of blogger I've not noticed, or do you have to get it from somewhere?

  2. Aye, its like statcounter. A big swatch of scripty code you signup for and paste into a sidebar