Thursday, 16 April 2009

Money Saving Idea #1 Grow your own garlic - week 9

Its a bit of a mixed bag of success, growth and stagnation this week.

Garlic - Darren - 16-APR-2009
Young Darren looks like he's lost the will to live. One of his leaves was all withered and brown and fell off a few days ago, there's a new leaf thats come up to replace it, but he's looking abit lame compared to his cohorts.

Garlic - The Twins - 16-APR-2009
All four of The Twins are in fine form, with the chap on the right looking particularly tall and strong. I'm almost tempted to re-pot these chaps.

Garlic - Sharon - 16-APR-2009
Sharon's also doing well, almost as tall as The Twins. She got one long leaf and with shorter ones on either side like two little arms, the hussy.

Garlic - The Baying Mob - 16-APR-2009
Out in the garden, the baying mob of garlic planted in the soil are looking grim. Some wee beasties have been nibbling at them, and there was a spider's web bridging them when I went out to have a look earlier today. None of them are as big as the chaps on the windowsill. Is there something wrong with the soil?

Potato - Steve - 16-APR-2009
Moving away from garlic now, to my potato plantation. Steve Potato is looking okay, kind of small but healthy on the edge there, he could do with more soil coverage but alas he's too close to the paved area, its his own fault, I feel no guilt.

Potato - Dave - 16-APR-2009
And finally at the back, Dave Potato is doing swimmingly, with three sprouty bits and all manner of leaves. I have high hopes for Dave, one day he'll feed the whole family.

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