Wednesday, 28 November 2007

So, my last night at in Swiss Cottage. Had dinner with father at our usual chinese, and talked shop for a while. Its kind of neat we have this regular thing.

I'm now on disc four of season two of Buffy, still channeling mid-90s me. Memories of staying home in the evenings writing letters to Julia, sometimes three or four letters a day. Kind of like email this century or IM, but back then it was still snail mail. Never got my end away, we kissed once as I recall. Some pyjama party I'd been invited to.

Actually, now I think about it, she fucked me over. I was a nice guy who she could introduce to her parents, so when she was going out with an arse-rapist, she told her mum it was me. And when he hurt her, I got the blame. Rectal fissure, I seem to recall.

Last saw her at Reading '98, along with Zee.

There's been a vanishing on Anorak, and I can't find anyone else mentioning it. Whilst in nature, at any moment a blur of a hawk can swoop down and whisk Brer away to bunny heaven, I prefer a little bit more warning of these things online.

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