Saturday, 24 November 2007

Here and there

I'm house sitting at Fiona's again. Its nice here, I finally get to watch the Buffy box sets I've been harbouring. My Laundry's on in the kitchen and I have a huge tub of Phish Food.

Managed to get all the Naked Chick Post-its in the post and a few Just Joans CDs, I need to make up some more copies and also select some more Post-Its for eBay.

The chick on Reverse Cowgirl embedded my Vicky Vette animation but without any backlink so I rant about it here.

Natalie's trying to drag me up to Glasgow for my birthday. Now usually I spend my birthday alone in my bedroom, (2005, 2006), but maybe I ought to make an effort.If I head up on the 7th I could catch the Plimps at Pin Up and Robbie might be able to make it out. I wonder who else I can drag out agains their will.

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