Monday, 26 November 2007

Epiphany, wait... no

I went to bed last night suddenly remembering the pain you've caused, the heartache. I went to bed with fire in my veins. I went to bed remembering fuck that shit, there's no going back and I should never even try.

The big Facebook backlash is starting, Huge McLeod's on about how its crushing under the weight of its own spam and fucking zombies (ooh, rotten corpses), Boingboing's getting a hard on for the social niceties and being unable to reject a friend request from folk you don't like or don't want to be friends with, and there's this big swell about how Facebook's sold out on privacy now their selling all our data to advertisers. All factors that could lead to a neat tipping point.

Where next? Anorak or Twitter?

Hmm, its probably just one of my mood swings and by this afternoon I'll be clicking refresh, gazing at .jpgs and wishing thing'd be like old times.

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