Friday, 16 November 2007


Headmush day again. Weird Facebook dreams like the old Freecell dreams of school, and also this weird
bit in the dream where someone had figured out how to you blue sky as a computer screen, and so there were these huge things in the sky that appeared to be jpgs, not so much floating or projected, but just set as if someone had replaced blue with an image.

Also in my mind was this morning a random channelling of wandering around Chateauherault, god knows how many months ago. There was sunshine and overcast skies, there was lush grassland and green trees, and friends with cameras. So so far away.

Wading through Facebook last night I discovered a startling retroactive invokation. While my Rotten Corpses song was written self-consciously ambiguous and unspecific to give me a warm blanket of denial, it seems, the girl in my head was at a gig I was at, and I didn't see her, but she may have seen me. Instead, I lurked at the back with my notebook and camera thinking to myself how much it was like the mid-nineties and Manchester, how right I was.

Nothing planned for this weekend. Chris needs new shoes and a selection of new jackets. More knockbacks being added to the list. An old friend did get in touch about going out, but after several bad experiences I realise I'm desperate, but not that much.

Compare and contrast:-

a) Tracking down local ex-girlfriends on Facebook
b) Tracking down local retired pornstars on Facebook

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