Saturday, 3 November 2007

Falling again.

Gah, I've been in bed all day so far surfing the net. Last night's Loves and School gig was a quiet and lonely affair for me, I spoke to no one, drank two pints of Guiness and headed home. I need some friends.
The School 09
Over in the land of overflowwing success, the post it note website got over 5,000 hits yesterday and one of my You Tube videos has over 2000 views in the past 24 hours, christ, its just 21 frames looped, with some random music soundtrack. Its cheating.

Alas, I can't bring myself to type up the scrawled notes of last night's gig for the knowledge that the pron get a hundred times as many hits is crushing.

No gigs this evening and no positive responses to texts and messages.

I need chocolate, lots of chocolate, possibly salad too to balance it, and a collection of Buffy DVDs.

Why's there no one to watch it with?

My Facebook friendslist is just relics from the past, folk hundreds of miles away and years back.

Must resist the urge to read blogs, they either haven't been updated or there are people having lives without me.

I have the energy and the talent, why am I so bored. Where's my guitar.

Even if I pick up the guit and record something, what's there to do, no gigs, no listeners, no interest. No point.

Right, shower, clothes, shop, chocolate

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