Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Christmas comes early

Currently dying of loneliness in the evenings, no one's online, I know no one nearby in this town, anyone I do know ain't answering their phone. I need to get off the internet, but its all I've got. Anyone I know online is out drinking with their friends and making new friends.

...must dig myself out...

I was going to do NaNoWriMo this year, and my head and subconscious have been working overtime on ideas and weird stuff, pilots having nervous breakdowns, and crashing into things that aren't there, triggering a chain of events which makes all electricity stop working for an hour or so, but it turns out it was juts the mobile phone network in a small area, but people got scared. Some computer scientist tryingto figure out what it was the plane crashed into, a world reknowned scientist infact, the bloke who created the E programming language which is used in everything from mobile phones to kettles and air-conditioners, very good mates with Stan Lee apparently. Flatmate was starting a new band, lots of guitar distortion pedals, but in a basement flat there was a party going on which we gatecrashed. And all the time people are realising that they live in a post-apocolyptic world, they just took a while to readjust their understanding of what the apocalypse looked like, its everything you see on the news.

Christmas comes early as the postman delivers a CD from Russian Spy Camera, some American band who sound like Franz Ferdinand 2 should have sounded like, and also from Amazon, I have a 320Gb portable hard disc, should be useful for getting all the MP3s off of my old PC. Whilst the storeage capacity is huge, its only an order of magnitude and a half away from the golden 8Tb capacity that's required for the singularity.

I read somewhere that 8Tb is enough to record DVD quality footage for a year. If you can get a drive that that big and portable, you could hook it up to a portable digital camera and record your life for a year, you wouldn't have to remember anything. Any book you read, any note you write and song you here, everything for a year. With OCR software and that music recognition software and a bit of ingenuity, that's what the singularity is all about.

Alas, I'm still stuck in my bedroom wondering why folk I haven't seen in months and last time we met was really bad, aren't reciprocating, and I'm still lurking at the back of gigs for bands I don't care about, unable to talk to anyone else.

I think I'm basically dead.

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