Thursday, 15 April 2010

Status Update

Well, I'm serving out my last two days in this job, doing it as well as I can. Still don't know everyone's names, but being polite seems to help. Its just a shame my French, Portugese, Polish, Indian etc isn't quite good enough to converse with Wembley natives.

I have acquired keys to a new place to live. Its a bit big, three bedrooms, all freshly painted and carpeted, and whilst the garden is a good half acre, its all overgrown with brambles. I'm rather surprised at the size considering its in the shadow of Wembley stadium.

After three trips last night, I've got half my possessions moved over. Its lucky I opted for mobile broadband rather than a plumbed in internet connection. Alas I haven't had time to really engage with the latest doings of the blogosphere, politics and Libertarianism. I don't even know if I'll have the TV set up for the leaders debate this evening.

There's not much by way of a bed yet. A stained mattress we found in the garden will have to make do until I can gaffertape the double mattress from my old flat to the roof of my Smart car or somehow acquire an inflatable one.

I can't promise a flatwarming party yet, no one would come anyway, and the new job search is still on the starting blocks, but other than that, the sun's shining.
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