Saturday, 17 April 2010

iPod Daleks

I can't say I'm that impressed with the latest episode of Doctor Who, not quite naff, but getting there.

Even last week I was put off with the idea of a historical figure phoning up the Doctor for an urgent/non-urgent thing, that just didn't happen in Doctor Who, its the sort of thing an American who'd never seen the program would suggest, ten minutes into a brain-storming session.

It doesn't even make sense, historical figures know about the Doctor and have his phone number, but somehow don't remember the daleks. Someone's crossed the timestreams.

Anyhoo, the new daleks, now available in colours to match your iPod, how very 2010.

Sure, I accept the unsurpressed need to redesign all the monsters for every series, it worked for the cybermen, but somehow the design process for these new daleks in just uninspired.

Sure, they're bigger and sleeker than their older cousins, but they're thundering hulks, rather than anything sinister, and they have a hump back.

I would have preferred more variations on a theme like the old Rememberance of the Daleks heavy weapons Dalek, or the glass Dalek. More of that sort of thing please.

Besides all the ones in this evening's episode seemed a bit rattley, they'd shake when they were talking, and wobbly when they moved. That's just not right. If the Doctor can fend them off with a jammy dodger, surely he can point out that they're made of plastic with a wee man inside pedaling a tricycle.

Like this...

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