Friday, 23 April 2010

Ashamed of something in Brent North

The letterbox in my new house fills up daily, never stuff for me, just junk mail, stuff for previous residents and those election leaflets.

I glance at the candidates, read what they have to offer, and chuck the leaflet in the bin. It wasn't until a few moment ago that I discovered my incumbent MP was Barry Gardiner, he's been the Labour MP round here since 1997.

Which is odd cos I thought he was standing as an independent, his leaflet says nothing about which party he belongs to.

Is he ashamed of being the Labour candidate?

Maybe it doesn't matter which party he belongs to, he's his own man, able to make his own choices in parliament. Its possible, but sadly this isn't the case. According to The Public Whip website, in the past 13 years, he's only voted against the whip 13 times, out of 2601 votes.

So, after supporting Labour policies in the House of Commons 99.5% of the time he's now trying to hide the fact that he's the Labour candidate


  1. this could be a good wheeze too:

  2. Have you uploaded the leaflet to The Straight Choice?

  3. More leaflets from Brent Central over at

    Thanks for uploading yours.