Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Knitting project #14 - pink scarf for my attractive young ladyfriend

As started last September, I've now finished the pink scarf I was knitting for my attractive young ladyfriend. Although, its less pink, than bacon coloured.

I've knitted it as a load of wide rows rather than being really long, much in the same way that Idleberry did a scarf for me in the old mid-decade Glasgow knitting explosion.

Although, I misjudged how many stitches I could fit on my needles and ended up with a freakishly long scarf, its a 10 footer I reckon.

I dropped a stitch or two somewhere in the middle but the ladyfriend doesn't mind, and I can't see to find them now. It took about four ball of yarn, no idea what type of yarn it is, just from a big cheap bag from a car boot sale.

Size 2 knitting needles, I think they're about 8mm, could be 7mm.

Eep, it took me about nine months, ten minutes a day, so at minimum wage, it would cost about £300 if I were to try selling it.

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