Sunday, 25 April 2010

Grand Union Canal Walks

Yesterday my attractive young ladyfriend and I took a long stroll down the the towpath of the Grand Union Canal, our walk took us from Alperton to Portabello. it was about 8.5 miles in total and the weather was grand.

The moomin at the Grand Junction Arms

Our first rest stop was at the Grand Junction Arms, a nice canalside pub with a large beer garden. I drank an ale called Tribute which was exceptionally nice, and my ladyfriend too a pint of cola.

A few miles further on we noticed through a gap in a fence, a wonderful derelict office block.

IDerelict office block

It must have been a fine place to work in its time, but now most of the windows were smashed and the litter strewn around gave the place a post-apocalyptic feel.

Derelict office block

We were too afeared to explore far inside the building, I could hear running water, and the graffiti suggested that local rapscallions frequented the place.

Derelict office block

Soon we continued on our way.

The river wild life was interesting, all the birds building their nests, from wee terns bobbing along with their mouths full of twigs, to herons such as this on, regally fussing over their estates.


I couldn't stop thinking about dinner, all the visual cues were whispering to me "roast duck", although I'm not sure that these were the eating kind.


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