Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Return of The West Wing

It may go down in legend, the Libertarian leader's second TV perfomance, so appalling that he tendered his resignation shortly afterward. Aye, Chris Mounsey was interviewed on The Politics Show and fell apart.

I read about it on Twitter before I saw it, mostly comisserations and shoulder patting comments. I wondered what had gone wrong and how to stop that sort of disaster reoccurring. I thought back to The West Wing, the occasional episodes where the president is practising for debates and stuff with his team firing difficult questions at him, the critiquing his responses.

Would that save the UK Libertarian Party?

It was my girlfriend who suggested a spokesman was needed. Rather than our dear leader, who's skills lie in policy, blogging and CSS, a spokesman who can do interviews and stuff.

How about The West Wing gang, with speech writers and press secretaries. Folk who can program our dear leader with snappy answers that are correct, convincing and just a little bit Devilish.

"You or your researcher seem to be confusing my personal views with that of the party I represent, its a subtle difference, get used to it."

"I feel I can write whatever I please on my personal blog, its freedom of speech, are you just jealous that you can't speak your mind on the BBC?"

"Road travel is increasing, road deaths are decreasing, how much more do you want your freedoms curtailed? We say no more."

"Our membership is doubling every year at time when the more mainstream party's membership is falling. Ask me that question again next election."
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