Thursday, 18 March 2010

Where do they find the time

So Unison put out this video against the idea of cuts in public spending, saying that frontline services would be affected.

In two weeks its had around 3,000 views.

Soon after the Taxpayers Alliance put out a spoof of it, replacing the titles of front line staff with the various non-jobs that could be cut without affecting front line services

In five days its had 20,500 views, clearly the more successful and more viral of the two.

Politics Uploaded reports that a spat has broken out with Unison spinning that its good news for them. A quote in the report caught my eye:-
But Unison isn’t taking the criticism lying down.

A spokeswoman told Politics Uploaded: “We should be flattered the Taxpayers’ Alliance are so worried by Unison’s strong message that they spend so much time and effort trying to rubbish it”

In the 21st century, video editing is easy, and quick, I can do it on my wee netbook. Making a spoof video doesn't take time and effort, it takes two hours.

If Unison thinks that doing such things takes any significant amount of time and resources, then truly they're relics from an earlier era, their members should be questioning whether their membership fees are being used efficiently or effectively.

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