Saturday, 6 March 2010

The great spectrum

Eeh, its been months since I last did the Political Compass quiz thing, and back then it said I was a Lib Dem. Anyhoo, there's an election coming soon, in the unspecified future, and my poll in the right column here is looking towards none of the big three Westminster parties representing any of the voters.

This leads me to wonder about the smaller parties, the single issue mobs and the nutjobs. Sure I'm signed up to the Libertarians now, with my membership pack and everything, but it doesn't look like there's going to be a LPUK candidate in my constituency, so I'm wondering what the next best thing is.

Elsewhere on the internet there's a big old register of all the political parties in the UK, 357 of them, I'm wondering where each one of them stands on the Political Compass.

Sure, there's the locations of five of them, but that's a tiny fraction of the one's possible to vote for.

Its a gargantuan task, but could I get in touch with all the rest of the 357 and ask them to take the political compass quiz and provide their location? So if you're wanting to vote for a party and they're not standing for election in your constituency, you can look at the party political compass and pick the one that's next nearest in the cloud.

Would it even be a worthwhile endeavour?

Can a party, rather than an individual take the test? Like the writer of the Devil's Kitchen blog, Chris Mounsey is the leader of the Libertarian's, has published his location here, but that's not the same as the party's position.

SalmaYaqoob is the leader of Respect, her blog's here, if she took the political compass, would that respresent Respect's position? Lord Pearson, UKIP leader here, where does his party stand?

Maybe I should just farm this out to Iain Dale's Total Politics to look into, paying for the postage to mail 357 political parties is a little beyond my budget.


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