Monday, 22 March 2010

Photographer locations at The Battle of Bolton

Fond as I am of Bolton, I was somewhat saddened to here of the trouble there over the weekend. Two baying mobs decided to congregate in the town square and have a ruckus cos that's what they're into.

Flickr has a handful of photographers on location and I can't stop myself from putting together a google map of their locations across the day.

If you click through to the larger version, the photies are listed in time order, so you can follow the progress of each photographer. To be honest the most exciting point is around 1:00pm where a smoke bomb goes off and some UAF bigwig is arrested, dragged off and has his toothbrush confiscated.

View The Battle of Bolton in a larger map
Its a bit of a work in progress, but I'm finding it immensely satisfying.

Any suggestions about improvements I could make, warmly appreciated.


  1. could you factor in StreetViews?

  2. Not really, as most of the protest was on a the pedestrian town square. However I did use street view for identifying when the Police parked up the CCTV van that took away Weyman Smithers. There's a tree in the background that has a distinctive set of branches.