Friday, 12 March 2010

Londoners want more CCTV?

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The Willesden and Brent Times has an article about how councillors want a shurbbery, and are spending thousands of pounds on such things:-
COUNCILLORS are splashing out thousands of pounds on flowers and plants while snubbing calls for an outdoor play area for the borough's children, it has been claimed.

Furious people living in the Preston ward have slammed Cllr Bob Blackman, Cllr Alan Mendoza and Cllr Harshadbhai Patel, alleging the trio have allocated their neighbourhood working funds on greenery instead of listening to their views.


Mr Soon is enraged that while children living in flats on Hirst Crescent Estate, in North Wembley, are banned from playing on the grass outside their home, the councillors are spending £7,000 on shrubbery.
Have I mislead you in the title of this blogpost?

Cllr Mendoza went back to residents to explain what we are doing and why.

"We want to create the village-type atmosphere that is in other parts of the ward, which includes tidying up our roundabouts that have been neglected for many years.

"In addition to that, we are putting together a football league for youths and installing CCTV as suggested by residents.
London already has too many CCTV cameras, more per head than any other city in the world, and how's the city's crime rate, about the same as everywhere else. What on earth gives any resident the idea that more CCTV is a good thing? And how come these councillors show such poor judgement in paying any attention to such a suggestion.

Do I even get to vote for these people?

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