Sunday, 14 March 2010

Brent Central PPCs

Right, so the election's in six or seven weeks, I think I live in Brent Central, my candidates will be:-

Dawn Butler - Labour - current MP for Brent Souths - she has one house in Stratford and one in Wembley, they're about equidistant from Westminister, so of course, we pay for the expensive one.

Sarah Teather - LibDems - Current MP for Brent East - Ended upon The Telegraph's Saints list in the expenses scandal

Sachin Rajput - Conservative - Brent Council's Cabinet Member for Adults since December 2009

Shahrar Ali - Green - Wrote the "Why Vote Green" book for Biteback

No sign of a UKIP PPC yet or other parties.

I think I'll wait for other candidates to come forward before I make any kind of decision.

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  1. are you actually registered to vote at your new address? If not, get thee on t'list pronto, otherwise you'll just be a spectator: