Thursday, 18 March 2010

Leading Lib Dem Voice

Did I do this?

For almost a fortnight I've been banging on about the Political Compass and wondering where the UK's political parties are located within it, and now Lib Dem Voice have launched a new site:
How Liberal / Authoritarian is your MP?

Liberal Democrat Voice has identified 10 key votes from the 2005-10 Parliament in order to rank all MPs according to how liberal or authoritarian their record is. All MPs are marked out of 100: the higher their score the more authoritarian they are. The lower their score the more liberal is their voting record.
Interesting stuff, I'm wondering if by going through loads of votes on TheyWorkForYou you could actually plot a fuller compass, rather than just the y-axis as LibDem Voice have done.

Well, LibDem Voice haven't actually plotted the y-axis, so I'll do it:-
Its not the most gracefull of bell curves, well,not a bell curve at all, you can clearly see the jackbooted authoritarian hordes on the right of the graph and the anarchistic free-thinking mob at the bottom.

Contrast this with this plot of the y-axis of 200 random folk off of the internet bragging about their political compass score as I've previous harvested.

Different shape graph completely. Is that the effect of whips, or parliamentary democracy, dividing folk so cleanly.

I'm gonna have a go at building this from scratch myself.

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