Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Latest dirt on Brent Central PPCs

Keen as I am to ensure I vote for the best candidate at the forthcoming election, I'm going to be keeping tabs on my local candidates.

Dawn Butler - Labour
LibDem Voice presents has a quote from the Evening Standard and a neat round-up of her misdeeds
Ms Butler has claimed £66,304 since being elected in 2005 for her constituency home in Wembley – despite having another property in Stratford. When the Standard challenged Ms Butler (left) on this by knocking on the door of her (publicly-funded) constituency home, she told our reporter: “I totally resent you coming to my private home. Have some respect. How dare you.”
Of course Dawn Butler is no stranger to The Voice, what with the unfortunate incident of forgetting who your local MP is, the disappearing statement, questions over Dawn Butler’s attendance record in Parliament, not to mention Dawn Butler’s highly unusual approach to local newspapers, as demonstrated more than once.
Sachin Rajput - Conservative
Local blog Not The Barnet Times goes through Barnet Councillor's expenses and find Sachin to be troughing somewhat:
Additionally, Sachin Rajput claimed £686.25 for office furniture & equipment, making him the second most expensive councillor (excluding allowances) in the London Borough of Barnet with a total expense claim of £1,671.55 - just a fraction behind Mike Freer’s £1,687.74.
This doesn't bode well.

Sarah Teather - LibDems
Councillor James Powney of Kensal Green reckons she represents the LibDem's hypocrisy
...the hypocrisy of Sarah Teather and the Liberal Democrats. They play to the Left when they want votes in Brent because most of the southern part of the Borough is naturally Labour leaning. But when they get into power they put a Conservative like Bob Blackman in charge of finances, and he then uses the position to do things like bankrupt people for very small amounts of Council Tax arrears, which the Liberal Democrats publicly claim to oppose.
His opinion's a bit to party political for my tastes.

Shahrar Ali - Green
No dirt as such to dish on this chap, but he does seem to enjoy being part of baying mobs, is that a crime?

It would be neat to see where these people stand on the Political Compass, don't you think?

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  1. More on Shahrar Ali at his own site. (Same template as me... hummmmmm......) You can follow his letter writing camapigns, especially on his opposition to the £100m spend on a new civic centre in Brent.