Friday, 19 March 2010

Man kicked off train

I'm not sure if it really counts as great publicity, but you can't exist in the UK without having read somewhere that Tommy Shaw, bass player with The Magic Mushrooms, was kicked off a train because he was writing a setlist for a forthcoming gig, including the item 'killers' shorthand for a cover sof a song by The Killers.

Whilst this story just highlights the stupidity of jobsworths and anti-terrorism in the UK, it doesn't do much for the band. Most news reports mention Tommy plays in a band, but then failto give either the name or any forthcoming gigs.

From their MySpace page, here's a video of them playing a cover of Supergrass's Sun Hits The Sky

Sun hits the sky

The Magic Mushrooms | MySpace Music Videos

Its played with competance and a bit of backbone, which is reassuring, and the girl is kind of cute.

They have a healthy schedule of gigs, mostly the same pubs in the Portsmouth area:-
26 Mar 2010 - The Tap, Portsmouth
28 Mar 2010 - The Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
3 Apr 2010 - Hampshire Rose, Portsmouth
23 Apr 2010 - Centurion Pub, Havant
24 Apr 2010 - Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
30 Apr 2010 - Lord Chichester, Portsmouth
1 May 2010 - George & Dragon, Portsmouth
9 May 2010 - The Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
15 May 2010 - Golden Eagle, Portsmouth
4 Jun 2010 - The Colonial Bar, Horndean
12 Jun 2010 - George & Dragon, Portsmouth
13 Jun 2010 - The Tap, Portsmouth
19 Jun 2010 - The Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
26 Jun 2010 - The Tap, Portsmouth
2 Jul 2010 - Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
17 Jul 2010 - Golden Eagle, Portsmouth
7 Aug 2010 - Rifle Club, Portsmouth
13 Aug 2010 - The Colonial Bar, Horndean
14 Aug 2010 - George & Dragon, Portsmouth
21 Aug 2010 - The Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
4 Sep 2010 - Lord Chichester, Portsmouth
2 Oct 2010 - The Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
9 Oct 2010 - Golden Eagle, Portsmouth
13 Nov 2010 - The Pelham Arms, Portsmouth
20 Nov 2010 - George & Dragon, Portsmouth
11 Dec 2010 - Golden Eagle, Portsmouth
Sadly none of these show up on the gig listings site Songkick, so its almost as if they don't exist. Similarly, the only Magic Mushrooms that has is the 1960s psychedelic band from Pennsylvania, and furthermore YouTube only has the earlier Mushrooms too.

I think what I'm trying to say is that they're just a bit pants at capitalising on this new found publicity.

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