Sunday, 23 August 2009

Project Google Street view Racing v0.1

When I got my XBox 360, the cheapest game in the shop was Project Gotham Racing 3. I love the PGR series cos it allows you to drive round real life cities.

Back in the old days of working for Linn Products, we used an original XBox and PGR2 for testing digital surround sound. I loved it cos I'd been to many of the cities in the game, Edinburgh, Stockholm and Hong Kong, it was so cool to play, hurtling round these cities without fear of speed cameras.

Anyhoo, PGR3 has a London track. I've been comparing it to Google Street:-

Taking fifty or so screengrabs from google, animating them and tracking them onto a video of the game.

I'm going to head out into real life with my camera taped on top of my car and get some real life footage to flesh out the video a wee bit. It might take a bit of time though.

The video could do with more engine noises and some better camera angles. So this one's just a proof of concept, aye.

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  1. It's going to be a great video. Keep up the good work!