Friday, 28 August 2009

Job vacancies update - Endispiece

Hi there, my name's Chris, author of ground-breaking attack blog 'illandancient'. Since the middle of February this year, I've been building up a spreadsheet of the number of jobs listed on various websites in the UK, namely:-
  • (since 16-Feb-2009)
  • Job Centre Plus (since 20-Mar-2009)
  • Guardian Jobs (since 12-Jun-2009)
  • Gumtree (since 8-Aug-2009)
On I've been tracking the number of jobs for each 'sector' and on Gumtree the number of jobs in each region.

This information I've been using to compile graphs and extrapolate figures for the UK which I've been publishing on this website every week or so.

It was an interesting distraction from actually looking for a job. Luckily, I've now found a job and so I'm not going to have so much time for messing about with graphs and spreadsheets.

All the data I've accumulated is now up on this google docs page

With it anyone should be able to conduct their own analysis for whatever ends you have. And able to create such thrilling graphs as this one.

For more authorative information on the number of job vacancies in the UK, I recommend the Office of National Statistics Vacancy Survey here, its updated monthly.

I'll be updating the google docs spreadsheet occasionally, and will still churn out graphs as and when something catches my interest.

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