Monday, 10 August 2009

Migration of job cuts to the public sector

This here piece on The Register reckons that things are starting to level out for the private sector in terms of job cuts, but for the public sector the future's not so rosy.
The quarterly survey covered 900 employers in all sectors of the economy found some signs of recovery compared to last quarter. The difference between organisations expecting to hire more people and those expecting to cut headcount is -10 per cent this quarter, compared to -19 per cent last quarter. For private firms the situation is even better - the negative balance is -2 per cent versus -30 per cent in the spring.

But in the public sector this figure has slumped from -3 per cent to -28 per cent.
Me, being unemployed and having plenty of time on my hands, I like validating such things, so I had a look at my job vacancies spreadsheet to see if the public sector is cutting the number of job vacancies it has listed.

So aye, the number of vacancies are down from their peak two months ago, but for the Public Sector and Social Care categories on, the number's still way above the level they were at in April when the budget was announced.

In the great scheme of things, the number of vacancies is pretty level barely fluctuating by 10% over the past six months. In other categories, Graduate jobs have fallen by 70%, Management jobs by 40% and Manufacturing jobs up 30% over six months.

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