Monday, 24 August 2009

Morning blogulation - Mon 24-Aug-09

Bah, and bah again, damned the postal service. My ma mailed me fifty quid in Sainsburys vouchers, she does worry about her poor skint son, and after three weeks they haven't arrived. Other post seems to get here fine, but not sorely need funds for food. I've been living off potatos and rice since Thursday, but do the postal service care? Here are some internet links to keep you entertained.
Actually, I don't think the coca-cola thing is appreicated enough in the West, they brough the internet and modern farming to developing nations and the eastern bloc, along with McDonalds they're strong leaders in enlarging the Amazon-sphere (that part of the world where you can order stuff on Amazon and it arrives as and when expected), they provide consistency and quality, filtering away any corrupt authorities, and making the world a better place for it.

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