Thursday, 13 August 2009

Morning blogulation - Thu 13-Aug-09

I awake hungry, switch on the old 'puter, since my benefits were unexpectedly cut the other week, I've been economising on food, for breakfast I eat two fortnight out of date eggs, scrambled, I pick up my ukulele and play a couple of old Plimptons songs, remembering past times, richer times, I load up Firefox and venture back into old Bloggington.
  • Coffeehouse reckon's Mandelson's 500,000 jobs saved figure is full of shit
  • Open Europe reckon's the Generation Yes campaign in Ireland is full of shit
  • EU Referendum reports on the Bovine TB epidemic and how it has now passed to humans
  • Junkfood Science reckons those who peddle the unhealthiness of being fat are full of shit
  • Longrider covers the government misallocating funds
  • The BBC reports on France and Germany coming out of the Recession
  • The Adam Smith Institute suggests scrapping the minimum wage to deal with unemployment - nice idea, but there's no way parliament would do it
  • Ambush Predator has noticed that councils aren't cutting jobs in the recession

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