Thursday, 20 August 2009

Morning blogulation - Fri 21-Aug-09

I've been at Centreparcs for the past few day the neice, bless 'er, she loves swimming so much, and I'm absolutely knackered, I got home yesterday afternoon and have slept for about 18 hours, anyhoo, here's the internet, well, the only pages worth reading...
Right, I've had it up to here with almost every libertarian blog I read humping each other backwards about Iain 'bloody' Dale's Top 20 UK Libertarian blogs, so from this day onwards I'm cancelling my RSS subs to those twenty, never again shall they feature in my morning blogulation.


  1. Ta for link. I linked to the homeless charity one as well, it was all good stuff. I'm happy to say I wasn't in top 20 libertarian blogs anyway!

  2. I only linked because I was asked nicely to give some linky love, and I always try to oblige.
    I hadn't pushed or voted or taken any notice of Iain's blogfest until then.
    Come back, you are missed!