Friday, 7 August 2009

Morning blogulation - Fri 7-Aug-09

I awake with something of a hangover, yesterday's interviw more promising that these things usually are, my eyes open slowly and I fumble for a cup of Starbuck's Via instant coffee, its like the taste of Starbucks at home. Outside the weather is overcast and I've got 'things' to do today, but before any of that I must lather up and slide my way into the bloggobrane.
  • Londonist reports of more strike action coming soon
  • Burning Our Money has tales of banking and government conspiracies
  • Capitalists@Work on the coincidence of quantative easing and government debt outrun
  • UK Housing Bubble has the dangers of quantative easing
  • Coffeehouse on how this recession is longer, deeper and slower than the previous three
  • EU Referendum covers defence procurement and The Gray Report
  • Constantly Furious notices the BBC reporting the complete opposite of everyone else
  • Raedwald nicks the Economist's graphs on the UK's energy supply problems
  • Open Europe looks at the costs of the energy supply issue
  • Ambush Predator quotes some entertaining frothing at the mouth feminists

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