Wednesday, 5 August 2009

London Blogger Meetup - Coffee

The London Bloggers Meetup group, an elite band of diverse London-based bloggers brought together by the the internet.

This month the event was sponsored by Starbucks Via "The taste of starbucks at home", they were giving away sachets of their new instant coffee, I managed to grab ten. There's two different flavours, 'Colombia' and 'Italian Roast', so far today I've only had the Colombia flavour, and its all right. I'll try to do a blind taste test on my attractive young ladyfriend next time I have her in my grasp.

The meetup was at The Crown on New Oxford Street, Starbucks had provided a free bar, which was very kind of them, also they had supplemented the usual blogger population with lots of smiling marketing people asking what we though of the Starbucks Via and videoing our drunken ramblings. I rambled drunkenly, but I doubt it was up to my previous talking-head drunken rambling.

There was also a talk by a gentleman from The Londonist.
Londonist is a website about London and everything that happens in it. That means news, reviews and events; the history and future of London. We celebrate the quirks, eccentricities, hidden and surprising bits that make up the alternative side of the city.

Upbeat and eclectic, Londonist is created by an incredibly talented and diverse team of contributors who share a passion for the city with our readers. We're a bunch of London obsessives who live the city and share our best discoveries.
If I was somehow roped into writing for The Londonist, I would be interviewing my favourite London-based indiepop acts, such as Pocketbooks, MJ Hibbett and The Gresham Flyers, but its been over a decade since I last wrote compelling band interviews.

There was a third speaker, a gentleman from Platform A, talking about the use of affliate links for bloggers as an alternative to just using google adsense. Advertising money on the internet is getting spread more thinly so folk are going to have to adapt their monetisation.

Anyhoo, linkiture... blogging folk who I chatted to:-
Blogging folk who I made brief eyecontact with and possible some hint of recollection from somewhere or something:-
Blogging folk who were there but I neither spoke to nor made eye-contact with:-
  • Krista
  • Kim
  • Rob from The Wine Conversation
  • The blonde one from bananarama
Hmm, I'm sure there were other folk too, like people who people were talking to, brief introductions drowned out by background noise.

On the way home I saw the wee cat that me and my attractive young lady friend usually temprarily adopt, but the wee soul ran away and actually hid from me.


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  1. Poor Pussycat. Maybe you should have made it a bowl of Via-flavoured milk...