Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Thrills and Spills in Norwich North

I've only ever once vote for a party which won it's election and that was the other week, so most of what's happened anywhere in politics is not my fault at all. I just need to be clear on that.

There's a by-election in Norwich North, Labour cove Ian Gobson was given the boot by his local party becuase of expense claims, so now we have a whole jolly pool of candidates hoping to win the seat.

Ladbrokes lists the candidates and their odds of winning at time of writing as follows:-
Conservative - 1/9
Labour - 6/1
Greens - 16/1
Craig Murray - 25/1
Ian Gibson - 33/1
Lib Dems - 33/1
UKIP - 100/1
BNP - 200/1
Bill Holden - 200/1
Libertarian Party - 500/1
Official Monster Raving Loony - 1000/1
I can't vote in this election, but if I could I have to toss a coin to chose between Craig Murray and the Libertarians.

They're both in the Libertarian end of the political spectrum, Craig Murray having a better blogging presence to the LPUK candidate Thomas Burridge.

Craig Murray's by-election blog posts are entertaining, just raving at being ignored. Local schools and public building are illegally shutting him out and the BBC are prioritising the BNP over him, admittedly he received 5% in his last election and the BNP edged ahead of him with 6.2% in their last election, so maybe the BBC have a point. I reckon he ought to have more photies of him in Norwich on the internet, and photies where he's smiling, he looks so glum in everything google sniffs out.

He is, however, the rector of Dundee University, but for some reason hasn't been invited to a UCU sponsored candidate's debate on education. There's a wee spat about it on his blog, with Matt Waddup from the UCU, Craig says he's going to gatecrash it anyway and challenges the organisers to get the polis to drag him away. That could be some great publicity.

I really want the LPUK candidate to do well and beat his party's last election result of 6.9%, but I'm somewhat disappointed by his blog and his twitter updates being so occasional. Sure, there's a couple of posts on the LPUK blog, but its not quite the same. Also, it'd be nice if there were Norwich tags there. I couldn't find any photies of him lying around on the internet, maybe he's just too young to leave much of a snail trail online.

The Tory candidate Chloe Smith has a spectacularly boring blog, but its updated regularly, and has nice photies of her out and about in Norwich, if I was a Norwegian(?) I'd think it was nice and friendly. Although the comments facility appears to be knackered so there's no feedback or comment.

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