Friday, 24 July 2009

Indietracks Eyespy - Friday

Back in Glasgow we used to have an eyespy game where you get points for spotting indie celebs, people in bands or fanzine or websites or DJs. This railway-based music festival seems ideal for digging up that rotten corpse.

I'll figure out the scores later, but this is my tally so far.

*Robbie IoMoPS
*Lynsey from The Flying Duck
*Trev Odd Box
*Techno Alice from Arthur and Martha
*Emma from Pocketbooks
*Ian Pocketbooks
*Orlando Bloom (well it looked like him)
*Stuart Indietracks
*The tall one from the Corporate Juggernaut
*The drummer from Pocketbooks et al
*Colin the other Colin
*Pete Green from The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut
*Ray off of the internet
*Crystal Ball from Spiral Scratch
*Swedish Chris from Smile and a Ribbon
*The girl from Cherryade and University Challenge
*Andrew photoy chap
*Aw man that video guy from last year
*Colin Smitten
*Dana Smitten
*Nat from Indietracks
*Andy Pocketbooks
*Liz from The School
*String Bean Jen off of bowlie
*Silke's friend
*David Just Joan
*Doug Just Joan
*The Happy Island chap
*The other Smitten
*One of the Wake the President clones
*The tall one from the Smittens
*Elizabeth Darling
*The other one from Moustache of Insanity
*Magic Tea off of Bowlie
*Alan Carr (well it looked like him)
*Duncan from Autumn Store
*JamieC off of bowlie
*Jens Lars Frodo
*Jens Lars Frodo's attractive female companion
*Thingi from White Town
*The guys from possibly Horowitz
*The bass chap from Language of Flowers
*The other one from Language of Flowers
*The main guy from the Roadside Poppies

Triple bonus points for photies of all these people.

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